ZENKO - tongue drums

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For more than 25 years, Philippe Maignaut has been researching the machined manufacturing of steeldrums, complimented with traditional methods for producing ‘Pans’. This gained experience is now used in the design of the Spacedrum. Metal Sounds offers two Spacedrum ranges, designed and entirely assembled by hand with the greatest of care and attention, from selected steel sheets and only partially transforming by machine. Their craftsmen invest in the quality of each instrument over mass production, which explains the reasonably long production and delivery time. The tuning of handpans is an art within itself.

Metal Sounds offers 2 distinct lines of handpans. 

The Spacedrum Evolution® made from stainless steel and the Spacedrum Nitro® manufactured of nitrided mild steel.

How are their Spacedrums different from other handpans?

Most handpan manufacturers buy the already formed/treated shells direct from the same suppliers, such as Ayasa or Shellopan. It's an easy and practical solution for production, but the acoustic result is uniform and standard at best. These manufacturers have little scope to apply their own unique sound signature, having no control on their materials and forming from the start.

For Metal Sounds the uniqueness of their handpan comes from the materials in its production. If the shaping of the shells and the heat treatment contribute to the sound of the instrument, it is therfore equally important to define and adhere to the technical specifications of every batch of material (giving the exact mechanical and vibratory characteristics desired) to give the handpan its own sound identity and be able to perfectly replicate it each time.

As a matter of fact, Metal Sounds, as the first handpan maker in France, takes advantage of a know-how learnt on the long run that helps us to build high quality intuitive percussions, very reliable and with a remarkable sounding quality.


An original creation from the craftsmen at Metal Sounds, the Zenko offers an alternative and complementary drum to the handpan Spacedrum®. This steel tongue drum (tank drum or butadrum) is available in several harmonized ranges.

Entirely produced in France, the Zenko is an intuitive instrument consisting of two stainless steel shells welded together. It is played with hands or mallets which are included with each instrument. The Zenko has a remarkable wealth of sounds and with pitch perfect tuning, it allows you to discover bewitching and meditative harmonics suitable for relaxation sessions, musical awakening and music therapy workshops.

Since 2005, the company has specialized in the manufacture of metal instruments and in these few years, due to the quality, innovation and customer service has gained international reputation. In buying a steel tongue drum from Metal Sounds you are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied!