MOLLENHAUER - recorders

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The history of the company name MOLLENHAUER goes back to 1822. It began with an initiative by Johann Andreas Mollenhauer (1798–1871) and has continued through several generations to the present day.

The members of the Mollenhauer family named in this article are representative of the many men and women – craftsmen and tradesmen, musicians and teachers – who have been closely associated with this family and, inspired by the idea, have shared and contributed their skill for almost 200 years.

The name Mollenhauer, like many other surnames, indicates a profession: the mould-maker made wooden troughs and corn shovels – he shaped moulds. Such moulds were used by bakers, butchers etc. and also in family households for the preparation of dough, roasts, and other similar uses. 

The family of the company’s founder, however, had not been involved in the trade of mould making for some time when in 1815, at the age of 16, he left his home town of Fulda and took to the road to further his education as a turner and watch maker.