ROHEMA - drumsticks, kids percussion & batons

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A team - grown from a family business. Rohema makes the most precise and consistent drumsticks you've ever played. United by tradition, passion for their products and their will to go new and innovative ways. That's how the drumsticks, batons and kids percussion are made for you - all 'Made in Germany'.

Flat hierarchies, trust, innovative thinking, a strong belief and tolerance are the mixture that makes ROHEMA. In its manufactory, innovation meets tradition, state-of-the-art production technology meets precise handwork. The company bundle great expertise and a lot of commitment and heart and soul for their products. As a family business with more than 130 years of tradition, they manufacture a wide range of drumsticks, batons and percussion instruments.

How do you manage to ensure that every pair of sticks in a series always feels exactly the same in the hand?

ROHEMA has integrated an elaborate selection of raw material into our production process. Each piece of wood is weighed and sorted in advance. This enables us to achieve a unique consistency in the weight of the individual stick models. This enables to develop the right sticks even for very special requirements. 

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