p-faktor is exclusive trade agency for Poland, Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania

The right sound grows in the forest – that’s why our wood is well-selected. Naturally.

Schlagwerk only use high-quality materials from well trusted suppliers. Birch, alder and beech are European woods of the highest quality, which combine an attractive appearance with low weight and the necessary strength.

It is not enough just to use the best materials - their processing is essential. This is why Schlagwerk does not simply use regular wood from their suppliers, but also manufacture their own panels: using  proprietary Cross-Laminating and Moulding process, they press interlaced, high-density fibreboards directly into their pre-finished form. But there are many other examples of how to optimize the instruments - and you can surely hear every single one of them.

Always all ears - every single instrument is tested before it leaves the workshop.  Only the slightest deviation or discrepancy is recognized and the instrument is fine-tuned. Because one thing is guaranteed at this point: the real Schlagwerk sound.

The company is growing in more and more countries. Schlagwerk Percussion and effect instruments are shipped all over the world: To all of Europe, North and South America and Asia. But we don't just ship all the carefully manufactured instruments to end customers, but to our selected and qualified network of specialist dealers. After all, the SCHLAGWERK SOUND EXPERIENCE also includes personal assistance and services such as testing the instruments before you buy them.